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The Mass General Brigham’s Orthopaedic Registries (MGBOR) is a quality improvement initiative to better utilize our system’s data and improve patient outcomes. The registries are managed by the SORG Orthopaedic Research Group under Director Dr. Joseph Schwab and Co-Director Dr. Hamid Ghaednia.

The MGH Orthopaedic Registries were founded in 2018 and is working closely with the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) to upload our data to their national Registry System. Mass General will be included in the five registries: American Joint Replacement Registry, Musculoskeletal Tumor Registry, Shoulder and Elbow Registry, American Spine Registry, and Fracture and Trauma Registry. Through this collaboration, MGB has the opportunity to contribute to an national effort to improve patient outcomes while our hospitals and doctors also gain key insights into their performance compared to national benchmarks.

The AI Registries are also being developed in concert with the AAOS data. These internal registries are on the cutting edge of machine learning and provide opportunities to test and improve our world class algorithms from SORG.