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Dr. James Alex Memorial Research Facility: Our facilities in Weston focus on bringing together the concepts of hardware and software engineering, artificial intelligence and clinical sciences. Alex Memorial Research Facility is located near the MGH Waltham hospital and is a 30,000 square ft three floor building. The center was built by Prof. Digiovanni (Chief of Foot and Ankle Surgery at MGH), Dr. Schwab (Chief of Spine Surgery at MGH), Dr. Ashkani Esfahani (Medical and Artificial Intelligence PI), and Dr. Ghaednia (Engineering PI), which includes the research efforts of the spine and foot and ankle services at MGH.

Dr. James Alex Memorial Research Facility

158 Boston Post Road

Weston, MA 02493

Massachusetts General Hospital: PIs and the research team directing the Mass General Brigham (MGB) Orthopaedic Registries have 5 permanent desk spaces on the third floor of the Yawkey Building, as well as flexible seating for students and additional team members.

Massachusetts General Hospital

55 Fruit St, Yawkey 3A

Boston, MA 02114

Computation Capabilities and Equipment: The PI and all staff members have dedicated PCs for their own use (> 20 PCs). All PCs are connected to MGH’s high-speed Ethernet, and the research data is backed up daily via MGH Research Computing Services. The laboratory has an extensive set of commercial software tools including Microsoft Office; MATLAB and Python (for engineering analysis including machine learning, statistical analysis, optimization etc.); Adobe suite (pdf creation/editing, image editing etc.), and EndNote (reference management). Digital cameras, scanners, slide scanners, and color printers are also on hand. Research staff also have access to extensive selection of scientific literature (online and print) through the MGH and Harvard libraries.

Heavy Computation: All computing units necessary for developing deep convolutional neural networks, CAD design, and Finite Element Analysis including multiple GPUs and workstations are available. Our computation power includes:

· Two Alienware Workstation PCs with NVIDIA 3090 GPU, AMD 5950x CPUs, and 128 GB of RAM.

· Three Workstation PCs with NVIDIA 3080 GPU, AMD 5900x CPUs, and 128 GB of RAM

· Three Workstation Laptops with NVIDIA 3080 GPU, Intel Corei9 11th Gen CPUs, and 32 GB of RAM

· The facilities are also connected to Harvard Medical School O2 cluster facility. O2 cluster is a high-performance computing environment with 11,000 computing cores, 8 V100, 24 double precision, 47 RTX 8000 single precision and 24 V100S double precision GPU cards dedicated to research activity.

· Statistical and Machine Learning Consultants available from Harvard Catalyst.